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Namibian Publishing History | 2016

A few years after completing an MPhil at the University of Cambridge, I returned to Cape Town, South Africa. I worked part-time for Peoples’ Health Movement – South Africa, and part-time for South African History Online (SAHO). One of the main projects at SAHO was translating some of my MPhil research to a popular publication format.

Here it is, a timeline of Namibia’s English-language publishing history:

About SAHO

South African History Online (SAHO) has the largest and most comprehensive online website on South African and African history and culture. Established in 1998, registered in 2000 as a not-for-profit organisation, the website was used by 6.3m local and international visitors in 2019.

SAHO is a unique history project. Its website, the organisation’s flagship project, is linked to a partnership programme with universities, community based history projects, educational and the cultural department of government.

An award winning project, SAHO has become a national cultural and heritage asset. In April 2018 the State President awarded the CEO and Founder of SAHO, Omar Badsha, the National Order of Ikhamanga, citing “for his commitment to the preservation of our country’s history through ground-breaking and well-balanced research and collection of profiles and events of the struggle for liberation.” SAHO is also a winner of the National Institute of Humanities and Social Science Annual Award for digital Humanities.

You should support them (financially) if you can.


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