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Africa is a Country

Africa is a Country | 2013

The facetiously-titled online publication Africa Is a Country, founded by Sean Jacobs in 2009, is a site of opinion, analysis, and new writing. Originally focused on challenging media representations of the continent, it has become a leading source for good writing about Africa. I contributed seven articles in 2013-2014


All ‘I’s on Education: Imagination, Integration, Innovation | 2014

All ‘I’s on Education: Imagination, Integration, Innovation is a research and professional development project that took place in ten Ontario school boards in the 2014-2015 school year. Teachers, principals and researchers investigated how teaching could be enhanced by inventive, integrated pedagogy. Together, these research teams developed inquiry projects that integrated math, science and the arts […]

South African History Online logo

Namibian Publishing History | 2016

Translating some of my graduate research to a popular publication format.

Skeptic's Guide to Self-Care Title Slide

Self-Care for Artists / Skeptic’s Guide to Self-Care | 2018

Working at Artists’ Health Alliance, I found that artists’ number one health issue is precarity. So you can imagine that the self-care craze, very popular among creatives (and everyone else), was something I regarded cynically. When I was asked to put together a workshop on self-care for artists, I accepted because it was a way […]

Give Me a Greenhouse: Poems by Edward Abramovitch | 2018

I edited this collection of poetry by Edward Abramovitch and published it online on a site I designed on Wix. Edward (Edo) Abramovitch (December 13 1949 – June 2 2013) was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He attended York University, where he studied under Irving Layton. He wrote poetry throughout his adult life. […]

Artists and the Determinants of Health | 2018

One way to understand the concern with artists’ health is to understand what makes artists sick. There are occupational hazards which include, but go beyond, toxic materials and risky sets (think of the death and multiple injuries in the making of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark). Working at Artists’ Health Alliance, I found that financial […]

COVID Poster Trump

COVID19 Posters | 2020

Made these around mid-March 2020. Note that these were made for print, so the colors don’t look quite right on screen.

Venice climate change documentary

Planetary Health Film Lab | 2020

A major international educational initiative at the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research, the Planetary Health Film Lab is an intensive program designed for youth who have a story to tell about climate change and health and want to do so through film. During a week-long workshop at York University, Toronto, a group of international […]

Ethical writing

Writing for non-academic audiences | 2020

Online publications are hungry for content, academics are hungry for relevance. A match made in heaven. I developed Writing for non-academic audiences to help the pivot from academic to non-academic writing. With the same material a researcher uses to make an argument in a peer-reviewed paper, they can tell a story. This professional development offering […]